I'm looking for some friendly professional opinion about a problem I'm having with my Friedrich SM19J30R 19000BTU air conditioner. It's the type that mounts in the wall and has an electronic control panel (timer, Money Saver, all that jazz) and remote control. It suddenly decided that it would not like to cool anymore. What happens is, the control panel will come on, a light breeze will blow out from the vents and the usual right-before-the-cooling-should-start hum noises occurs, but that's it. Upon adjusting the fan settings, I can hear a clicking noise, but the unit does not kick on fully and begin cooling. A tech said the problem is the control panel and that he's replaced a LOT on Friedrichs and that it is a design flaw...the control panel is not cheap to replace. He is ordering the part and will do the repair. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? I'm wondering if there's a more simple fix than what he says is the problem. We've had three A/Cs in this house (1 AirTemp, 2 GEs) that lasted almost 25 years without incident. This Friedrich is 4 years old and already took a dive! The company conveniently exempts the control panel from the warranty.

Thanks in advance!