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    Not really shame, minor glitches

    First off, the house this was taken in was a rental. Beautiful house, beautiful pool hot 90 degree weather, what can be better? If the a/c worked. Arrived it was 82 in the house turned the unit down to 75 and 2 days later, still no a/c. Called manager in and hvac service person, problem is the coil feed lines are freezing up before it can go through the coil. We determine the Puron levels are down due to... pipes rubbing against each other and causing puron to leaks through small holes, factory mistake is what we were told and it was leaking at a factory placed tie to hold the pipes together. Under warranty new coil was installed and it worked fine BUT look at the outlet ducting. It was plastered roughly and carelessly and on the left side it was completely OPEN! Most of the air was released into the garage explaining the reason for the house cooling down slowly after the coil was replaced. But oh well.
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    I would blame the installer not the manufacturer for the coil rub. Vibration from bad ductwork.
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    This is proof that any brand can be Hacked up.

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    that pic is truly WOS material

    what kind of chicken shiat install is that
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    Looks like ojee moulding on top

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    job security....i hate seeing crap like that and i also hate fixing it! But you get what you pay for!

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    Since the house wasn't ours i'm not too concerned. But you can definitely tell the installation is a bit screwy when i took a look up close. Notice there is also no drain line trap, it just leads outside. I also discovered that the bottom part of the frame was bent in so they put some of the heating tape over it.

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    that is a wonderful hackmaster job! I can see why that dude is still employed, wonderful job!

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