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    I know many of you have responded before to this question, but I'm just looking for one last view before I call to get one installed tomorrow.

    I tried reading far back in other posts, and I basically found out

    1) The installer is the major difference
    2) Goodman used to be poor, but now they are making better products.

    I have 3 different quotes to install in a newly built 1550sqft house with a Weatherking furnace in NY.

    1) Goodman 2.5 ton 10 SEER(CB-CKL?)
    Company started in 94, work with the guys nephew

    2) Rheem 2.5 ton SEER 10 (not sure of model)
    Company that installed Weatherking furnace - started in 93

    3) WeatherKing 2.5 ton SEER 10
    Company that installed Weatherking furnace - started in 93

    Anyone know which deal would be better? The guy who installed the furnace said the Weatherking it's a contractor grade and doesn't have as good of coils as the Rheem(even though made by Rheem), so I'm choosing between the Rheem and the Goodman. Really no nothing about the companies as I'm not from around this area. I did visit the guy offering the Goodman's website and he had Rheem on there with no mention of Goodman - not sure if he does both and gave the quote with the goodman because it's cheaper?

    Thanks for any advice

    [EDIT:] - sorry didn't read rules about pricing - removed them

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    Read the forum rules. Pricing questions are not allowed.

    As far as which brand is better, you already have your answer. Which is the best installer? Which did (or will do) a Manual J heat load calculation? Which is going to use a micron gauge? Which is going to pull a permit? Which one checked the lineset sizes to make sure they're right? Are they all going to replace the disconnect or is one of them going to be cheap and leave the old in place? The best brand is the one being put in by that contractor.

    Check the first signature link for more along those lines.

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    I like Rheem for a 10 seer unit. It's the only one (that I can think of) that has a scroll compressor on their 10 seer series. It also has a complete hail guard and as far as service... it's very friendly for us as compressor is located in nice, accesible spot. I do agree that installer will be huge part but as a unit Rheem is nice.
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    Sound an issue? Goodman will be NOISY while you'll hardly hear the Rheem. We use WeatherKing for our lowest price line. Works great but not as nice as a Rheem and not a scroll. Still better built & quieter than a Goodman.

    Friend of mine is opening a pizza joint. Came with a CKL36 and we put a 5 ton 3 phase scroll WeatherKing beside the Goodman. The Goodman drowns out the big Rheem/WK unit, gotta look at the fan to see if it is on!

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    Personally I will never use a Goodman unit again. I have replaced a unit with a Goodman and had to send it back for a bad compressor. The second unit they sent me I had to send back too. I will not use them again.

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    listen to the bald-one. he knows his stuff. Rheem anyday.

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