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    We just had a new central air conditioner installed. I was looking at it outside today and noticed water dripping/leaking from the unit and the one copper pipe running into the house.
    I don't recall ever seeing this happen with the air conditioner we had at our old house.
    What is happening? Should I contact the installers?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If the water is on the large copper line, it's fine. It's sweating because that pipe is cold and the outdoor air is warm. Nothing to worry about. You have a happy compressor. Call the company and ask if it'll give you piece of mind.
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    Normal for sweating on the larger pipe but if you have a large amount of water running out of the condensing unit you may have a evap airflow problem or overcharge situation causing saturated liguid return to the compressor. Look down thru the fan blades and observe the big round thing (compressor body) is it also sweating?? Check your return air filter make sure it is clean/check for closed off supply vents. Have the installer come back out ASAP if the compressor is sweating profusely and the filter is clean and no vents are blocked off.

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    also make sure the big line is insulated all the way back to the unit

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