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    My AC died today, it is a 25 years old Singer system, so I plan on just replacing the (Condenser/Coil/Line Set), my furnace still works. It is a 4 ton system, looking at buying a 12 SEER (or maybe 13 SEER)

    Searching the internet, I see the following brands: Goodman, Ruud, Tempstar, Rheem

    While Goodman is the cheapest, the others are not much more. I may only live in my house for another year or two, so I will not buy an expensive system. Which of the four listed would you pick (and why)?

    Please do not just say Goodman stinks and breaks all the time. Tell me why the other brands (Ruud, Tempstar, Rheem) are better.


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    if you are only staying a couple years buy the cheapest equip. just find a descent installer.don't plan on buying unit yourself and trying to find someone to install, sure fire way to find a hack.

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    If you are only staying a year why even invest in a new system, it is unlikely you will get your money back. What exactly is wrong with your old system. If the tech just said it was worn out you need a second opinion. Might just be a 20 dollar capacitor!!!!! Just guessing here you may have all the gory details already, maybe a bad compressor?

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    The AC was running and then it quit. When it quit, it took the main breaker out at my house (yes, a 150 amp main) The 50 amp breaker that feeds the outside condenser was also blown. I reset the breakers and verified the outside unit was the cause of the tripped breakers. The system is old, I had the coil replaced a few years ago. You are correct that it may just need a compressor replacement, but it that cost hundreds of dollars. I am thinking I will better off just replacing the system and enjoying lower energy cost for the next year of so. I said I "maybe moving", but not postive yet.

    How much would a compressor replacement cost for a 4 ton system? I live in the Atlanta Ga area.


    Ga Handyman

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