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    Thanks wyounger... now I see! I was thinking that somehow it ran to the t-stat. But now I understand -- the t-stat derives the outside temp via the sensor feeding the furnace board!

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    Hey Bill!
    That's why I posted the link to the manual. It will show you right where it connects :-)
    good luck!

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    Hi John,

    Sorry for the delay...busy. You asked about run times. Background, approx 2000 sf home(two story) with infinity zoned system(two zones one for upstairs, one for downstairs). The system is dual fuel with 58MVP060 furnace and 38YDB036(i.e. 3 ton) heat pump. Location is central NC. The system was installed summer 04. For the first 3 months, infinity zone control was not available so system ran with standard t.stat that did not control 2 stage unit. Actually, for the 1st month the way it was was obvious that it was running in low only. Installer returned and set it up to run in high only. I only mention that because I think the run time data is kept in the unit control board and not the infinity the run times I have for cooling were influenced by that setup.

    Heat Pump-

    Low Heat: 726
    High Heat: 240
    Low Cool: 1088
    High Cool: 1151

    Low Heat: 601
    High Heat: 347

    Presently with the daytime temps around 90, the unit seems to spend most of the time in high cool...but earlier in the summer it spent more time in low cool. So as dash noted, the times have to be taken as a whole over the entire cooling/heating season.

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