First off I'm a complete newbie to HVAC so pardon my ignorance

I just moved into a 3 story 4 bedroom house with one gas heating/cooling unit serving the main/basement level and another unit for the top floor. The rooms are heating very unevenly (1 is very hot, 2 are very cold, 1 is about ok).
I talked to an HVAC guy who gave me two suggestions
1) Put simply Mechanical Dampers on the lines coming out of the Plenum to reduce airflow to the overheating room and the hall with the thermostat (allowing more air to go to the cold room).
Q: Would it be better to put dampers on all lines (for better control in each room), pricier but long term make everything more comfy

2) Divide the upstairs into two zones using electronic dampers and two thermostat
Zone 1 = Bedroom 1 (400sf) + Master Bathroom (100sf) + Closet (90 sf) + Open Hall to downstairs (200ish SF)
Zone 2 = Bedroom 2 (200sf) + Bedroom 3 (200sf) + bedroom 4 (150sf) + 2 bathrooms
I wanted more control within the 3 bedrooms but he said considering the size if the zones were smaller the system could have issues due to too low CFM in the zones.
Q: What other options are there? Can Mechanical dampers be put on the lines going to the 3 bedrooms to balance them better (in addition to the electronic dampers), can temperature sensors be put into the room or anything else that would achieve more control (automated or otherwise)

Additionally are there other options that i'm unaware of

Thanks a bunch