I had a 2.5 ton carrier condensing unit installed with a airhandler (coil) model FV003, I spoke with carrier and they said this model is good for a 2 to 3.5 ton system.

In another estimate I had they we're going to install a the same 2.5 ton cond. unit but with a FV002 coil which according to carrier is for a 1.5 to 3 ton system.

My question is whether the fv003 is to big? I was told they set the control board to match the 2.5 ton size of the cond. unit. Does that sound right?

The system seems to be cycling on and off about every 15 mins or so during the day. The house seems humid to me.
Could the coil be too big? I'm the guy who had a system installed recently with the "appalling workmanship" post.

They are coming out on July 9th to fix the problems and I want to know if I should ask about this. The airhandler that they installed is also sucking in air from the side and they just want to tape it up and I'm not sure if I should insist that a new one be installed. Not sure if they damaged it when they we're installing it.

Does anyone know if these airhandlers have a filter inside
because I had an air cleaner installed w/ the system and I am not sure if it needs the other filter if it is there.

Sorry for the long post and Thanks in advance for any advice.