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Thread: Free estimates?

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    May 2003
    chesterfield, michigan
    hey crash,
    Why dont you do us all a favor and kiss all of our ass', you have no idea how competitive it is in out field and how many flyby nighters there are that are giving horrible service and horrible installs to homeowners and the professional companys are left holding the stick. Im not going to run around all day and spend $50.00 in gas all week long and get underbid by a butcher and not get compensated at least for gas and a little of my valuable time.One more thing what the hell are doing poking around on a site and making offensive comments if your not even in the business? Stay off this site and leave your onesided comments to yourself

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    Thanks cedermechanical, I needed a good laugh this AM. Hope I don't get on your bad side today!

    Interesting dilemma, how to not waste money vs. how to not screw the HVAC techs. I'm curious on ideas as to the best way to satisfy everyone involved.

    This is what I think I've read so far:

    1) Free Estimate - and get what you pay for.
    2) Paid Estimate - minimal compensation for travel / time, etc..
    3) Paid Service Call - estimate included

    - Well, #1 is not a favorite around here, with some folks
    - #2 can be iffy. Reminds me of a "paid" estimate I got for landscaping. $50 gone on some useless screwup, and I think that is how they made their living.
    - #3 (and maybe #2) is good for getting 1 estimate, but how many service calls should one pay for?

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    You are dealing with the cheapest, most arrogant people on earth on this site. Sure you may get a free estimate, but man the attitude you also get is embarassing.

    Hey crash: you seem to me quite knowlegeable , please tell me how you survive doing work for free? I really need to know your method of going to the electric company and telling them you cant pay your bill because you work for FREE.

    The last time I got gas I had to pay for it --how do you get yours --is that another free service

    I am sure that an expert( professional) like yourself has plenty of time to do as many FREE estimates as you can every day

    I cant help but be anything but cheap and arrogant because I have never accuired the skills to do free work and pay with the goods I need with free money. you are so right , I should not be so arrogant

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    You are dealing with the cheapest, most arrogant people on earth on this site. Sure you may get a free estimate, but man the attitude you also get is embarassing. These Customers think are larger than life (in their own mind), and as such they have no idea what it is like to have to Work for their money.
    Their first priority is hvac which is why they could care less when they call , how hot it is , how cold it is , or what you may be doing , when they want their unit fixed they want it fixed NOW and want it done for nothing-
    Thus they think our #1 priority should also be whatever they think, but to most of us it's a very low priority subject.

    especially when you are out working on someone elses unit that doesnt expect you to work for nothing

    I just can't get over how full of themselves people like you are and how you think we owe you something for the NOTHING you are willing to give

    I for one am glad to hear you are installing your HVAC yourself because I wouldnt want to work for a customer like you

    better keep that $6000.00 handy . you will need it for a down payment on the system they put in to replace the one that you #*cked up

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    I completely missed the previous post by Crash and the responses. This guy does not have a clue.
    C'mon guys, don't break down bits and pieces of his moronic post and give them any credence.
    A dysfunctional jackass generalizing about something he knows absolutely nothing about, deserves nothing more than a foot up his a$$.

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Boy ,is that true!!

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    PA/DE area
    I wish we did, have a guy with a HOT second floor,"I said put a heat pump up in attic and you get 2 zone heat and cool for not much more and a break on your power". He liked it so much he called the other guys who gave him a/c quotes and said "Can you give me a price on a heat pump instead of an a/c system?"
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    6000 for a new heat pump!!! WOW!!! must be 18 seer

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