How did smokin68 give me an answer? then are you telling me he's full of it?
If you will read my post. and then read smokin68 post you will see that he is the only one that responded in kind. (meaning answered with the info i did give)Then he went through the list of info i deleted from my post. There can only be two reasons for not posting all the data. One I don't have it. two I deleted it on purpose. You have chosen number one because of your arrogance not because only a palm reader can tell me.

If you would have just asked for the info you wanted I can give it to you. instead your ambiguous asking about "abrev". I took you question to mean that you wanted to see if I new what the abrev meant.
I neatly fell for your trap with my answer. because it ambiguous you have a way out. you are know telling me with a lot of presupposition that this means that and that means this. Save the csyco babble for someone else. Instead of just proving how smart you are. You want respect that you have not earned.

Do you people always treat other human beings with such presuppositions and sarcasm?

I gave you the amb in my first post.

""If he knew what they ment then he would have known enough about a system to know that his question couldnt be answered on the info he gave ""

More posturing bs why would you even waste your heart beats telling me goes much deeper. if I know what they are I already have the answer.
Which is why I deleted them from my post.
You problem is you cant figure out why I am even asking then.

I am a new service tech I can do the "math" in my sleep. I am having trouble visualizing inside the system. I am just trying to take what I have in my brain and make a picture.
I dont know you and I asked the best way I could to verify my experience without giving you the math answer.
I am here because I know u have something I don't "a lot of experience." I don't want a math answer i want an experience answer. I didnt not ask if the system was low i ask if it was possible and.

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I tried to bypass your arrogance and sarcasm with humor. What a fool I was. The only thing you guys have taught me is.
I don't want to be mentored by you guys anymore.