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    I live in the mountains in NC. I need to replace 20 year old heat pump. I have heard good things regarding an oil-pac, however, we can't seem to find anyone in this area that has ever installed an oil-pac. I currently have a heat pump with back up oil moniter heater, but during the winter I have to use a kerosene heater as well-any thoughts on what would be the best route to go? We are considering a heat pump with an oil furnace. Thanks!

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    Have a load calc done to see what size oil furnace you need for your back up.
    And have your duct work evaluated, if it needs replaced or upgraded also.
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    You shouldn't need to fall back manually to another heat source.

    Oil isn't very common in NC for good reason; heat pumps are much cheaper to run. I would recommend just getting a good heat pump and making sure that it has enough auxilary heat to take care of you even in the coldest weather. Heat pumps have gotten a bad reputation largely because you don't get great results when you buy cheap equipment and don't install or configure it properly. With a good contractor and modern equipment, they work just fine.

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