OK so I hope someone can help me. I am trying to justify to the other half why our 2 year old condenser sounds like a freight train on start up and our electric bills just keep climbing. Today's mail brought a nice $417 whopper. Highest last year was $350 in aug. this is June an $417 already. We are buying a house from my parents. About 2 years ago they had our condenser replaced on their dime by someone who I am convinced was a hack. The installer was trying to pickup side jobs while he was out back installing the condenser and his service vehicle of choice was about an 85 chevy celebrity wagon. They had a 3 ton condenser installed with what was thought to be an exisiting 2.5 ton evap. coil. The installer never verified anything inside, infact I don't think he ever came in the house. No sales men we ever here my dad did the whole purchase over the phone. So now it has come to light that the existing coil which was replaced about 10 years ago is not a 2.5 ton. The original coil started leaking and an old co worker of my dad's who did a/c on the side (whole nother story) but he is licensed and still in business was supposed to be replacing it with the same size, it appears he did not. Came someone please tell me what size the coil listed below is so I can provide some proof that this is in now way a matched system and is in no way effecient.

The condensing unit is a ckl-3601 I believe, it's dark now but I can check it tomorrow if need be.

Please tell me what size this coil is and what kind of match if any this system is.

The coil is made by inter city products.

Cased coil Model #Epc5548jb1
Contains #Epa5548sb1
restrictor installed 82 which has been marked out and has 78 written in pen.