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Thread: Duct Cleaning ?

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    I've seen some photo's posted here. I'll snap a few, reduce the file sizes, and post them.

    I see what looks like a thin layer of metal, but I swear it's not the INTERNAL surface. It's like behind it.


    Originally posted by t527ed
    in slab ductwork 40 yrs old is probably metal or transite. never saw pvc or fiberglass in anything that old around here. at least take a flashlight and mirror, pop out a few supply registers and have a look. you will know if it needs to be cleaned.

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    The merits of duct cleaning should be judged on the results of the service. They claim to improve air quality. They make it worse. Some talk about system performance. Duct cleaning has no connection. Some talk about dust mites. They don't live in the ducts. So what's left?

    That was the short take. Here's the long take:

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    Duct cleaning will solve every allergy and mold and spore problem you have. I've also got a bottle of oil of smoke that cures whatever ails you have, and some beans that when planted, grow a magic bean stalk that leads you to a golden egg. I'll sell all of it for just $39.95, but you got to call me now!!!

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