any answers for these questions guys?

question, should the valve body be mounted outside of the ahu to keep it's temp above that of the bulb.

The sporlan valve i want to use has a vapor cross charge.(vga charge)

(i mention this because if the valve body temprature is lower than bulb temperature then charge migration to body occurs when a vapor charge is used. when this happens the valve doesnt work because the little whif of vapor has left the bulb and turned to liquid in the valve diaphram )

if you remove the piston inside of ahu by opening the piston housing that is in the liquid line just before the distributor and put the piston housing back together and mount the txv outside of the ahu, does the approximatly 10 inches or liquid line between the txv and the distributor interfere with the distributors job of equally feeding the evap coil.

i guess im asking should a distributor always immediatly follow the txv to make the equal distribution work?

if this is the case, then the valve body on a txv with vapor charge must go inside of the ahu where it can become colder than the charge in bulb which will cause it to stop working.