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I think it depends on where your home is. We had a professional install the 3M sSotchguard film on our home, because it is in a coastal area where hurricanes blow through occassionally. Besides the heat rejection and fade prevention, a huge benefit of the scotchguard film is that it is also hurricane-resistant and can take impacts up to 150 mph. With the Scotchguard film, we don't have to worry about boarding up the house in a hurricane warning situation. If we weren't in a coastal environement, we'd probably just have installed solar screens ourselves.
Is that because the screens would be blown off, and the film not? Or the film offers some broken glass shard protection? As cem-base pointed out, that's about it!!!!

We get some pretty good winds and storms here in Tornado Alley, Texas, and the screens have never been a problem (my home weather station has clocked winds over 70 mph...pretty close to mild hurricane status if I recall).....of course I don't expect much to be left of the screens (or the house) if a Twister hits.....I guess its more all or nothing with a tornado vs hurricane......


3M only guarantess for one year? That alone would make me chose screens. I made mine about 7 years ago, and they're still going strong. The frames are a little faded, but last year I compared a piece of leftover screen-scrap, and it was hard to tell the difference.

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