Does anyone make Tinted window _inserts_ that can be installed and removed as needed ?

I have new double-pane windows, and the insides are perfectly flat with no interference from the grids (they are between the glass of course).

I tried using tha that Gila Heat-Block film. My god what a nightmare this stuff is. Making matters worse is I have a couple of Golden Retrievers, and even if I did get the stuff in, it would inevitably get dog hair trapped between the film and glass during install.

Yes, I shut down the fans and hvac, and vaccumed a few hours before attempts.

After wasting an entire 18 foot rool trhing to do one pane of one window right, I gave up and took the rest back. At $40 a roll, I wasn't gonna keep going.

I think the stuff is a racket myself LOL

So, it would make sense to me that someone could make 1/8" or 1/16" thick treated plexi or other plastic that one could just slip into place in the summer. There's nothing to stop it from fiting right in the frame of each Window half.

Does such a thing exist, or did I just give away a patent to someone