I read an earlier very long discussion regarding changing out just the outdoor unit if the indoor unit is not over 10 years or so and is still in good working order. I don't want to bring up the debate again but I have a few questions. I have a 1 year Home owners warranty and if my outdoor unit fails I'm would expect that the warranty company will only want to replace it. My unit is an 8 year old Goodman.

Being that it would be replaced by the warranty company is there any warranty granted by Goodman for at least the newly replaced part and if so would not changing out the inside unit void the warranty.

The outdoor unit is making a lot of racket and it seems that it may be on it's last leg. I would love to be able to convince the warranty co that both units should be replaced together.

Is there a justification for replacing both units that may help to sway the warranty company?