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In our suburb, we have a common floorplan 3 bedroom 1800 sq ft ranch. We've installed 2, 2.5 and 3 tons of cooling on this exact same house. So which is right? Can you guys in Louisiana or California tell me? You told him his was wrong without seeing the house or knowing much about it.

The answer is all of them are right. Anybody going by sq ft doesn't know what they are doing. The 2 ton homes are well shaded. The 2.5 ton homes aren't shaded but face north-south with no east-west windows. The 3 ton homes are east-west facing with no shade. Hmmm, all the same house, same sq ft with radically different cooling needs. Guess that's why the Manual J was invented.

Do your California and Louisiana homes have the same insulation as his? Gee, you can't answer that - you don't know what he has yet you know his A/C is undersized. Well, my guess is he has R38 ceiling and R19 walls. That what they do in your area?

Ricardo, if you are staying comfy in the extreme heat we've been having in the upper Midwest, your system is NOT undersized. hilton's 5 ton would have you running dehumdifiers all over the place in the normal humid 82 we typically have because it would be short cycling something fierce.

All very true!