I have a technical question about a coke C02 dual regulator for a soda installation (bag in box). This is the regulator:
Are there any differences in the regulators despite the color and the larger "out" connector on the red regulator? I read both stickers on the regulators themselves. The grey regulator has a max psi rating of 65psig which I assume is for the soda syrup while the red regulator has a max psi of 105 psig which I assume is for the carbonator. Now let's say I hook them up backwards and put the syrup to the 105 psig (red) regulator and vice versa what will happen? Will the 65 max psig regulator just let in pressure to 65 Psig then stop or back purge or will it go above? Can anyone tell me if there's an actual difference in the regulators? Is it safe to hook up my higher pressure hose to a lower pressure (max psig) regulator? Thanks.