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    Confused Soda/coke machine Co2 regulator question

    I have a technical question about a coke C02 dual regulator for a soda installation (bag in box). This is the regulator:
    Are there any differences in the regulators despite the color and the larger "out" connector on the red regulator? I read both stickers on the regulators themselves. The grey regulator has a max psi rating of 65psig which I assume is for the soda syrup while the red regulator has a max psi of 105 psig which I assume is for the carbonator. Now let's say I hook them up backwards and put the syrup to the 105 psig (red) regulator and vice versa what will happen? Will the 65 max psig regulator just let in pressure to 65 Psig then stop or back purge or will it go above? Can anyone tell me if there's an actual difference in the regulators? Is it safe to hook up my higher pressure hose to a lower pressure (max psig) regulator? Thanks.

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    The regulator that you have will do the job.
    Product pump operates on 20-80PSI ( 30 is an avareage for most products).
    Your carbonator needs to be supplied with 80-100 PSI to make the carbonation process..

    Hope this helps..

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Always run 100psig to the carbonator, (the co2 pressure needs to be higher then your water pressure, if the water is more then 80psig then you need to install and water regulator on to back it off) the syrup set between 45-60psig (this will give a nice flow at the head and should make up for any line pressure drop if your using 1/4 tubing, over 100ft run 3/8 line) make sure you use Beverage Tubing and that its marked NSF . Do not use tubing you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot
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    The only difference in the regulator itself is that one is set for 65psi and the other is 105psi. Which they both can be adjusted if needed, by removing the sticker on the top of the regulator that says "65psi" or the "105 psi". You will find an hex screw in there and adjust if needed, we rarely ever have to adjust this. If you do hook them up backwards you will not get carbonated water and possibly blow the syrup pumps up. We always recommend that the incoming water pressure be 40 psi, that way the 105 psi going to the carb will have no issues making carb water. Now depends on what kind of syrup pumps you have there are 2 that should be set to 65 psi and another that is set at 55 psi. Hope this answers your questions.....

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