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    Just wanted to verify some supply and return temps. Live in Boston, OA is approx 90 deg F. 4 ton unit seems to cool ok. What should supply air temp be at suppply plenumn? What should a good delta T be to the return?

    Thank you

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    Would depend on conditions of the indoor environment, system design and settings.

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    18f to 24f temp differential across the evaporator under normal operating conditions as a rule of thumb (ROT for short). Note if you are measuring at return and then at supply vents instead of right at the coil you may not get accurate temps as duct length/leaks/insulation (exposure level) etc can adversly affect your readings. The reading actually means very little kinda like checking the air in one of your car tires and deciding by its pressure that the other ones are OK. If it cools good do like most other folks and forgetaboutit untill it breaks man LOL. Service guys are standing by!!!!!!!!!!!

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