I'm replacing my 8 year old working TempStar 2 ton central AC compressor & Air Handler with a 2 1/2 ton Trane central Compressor and Handler.

My Question is. What should I do with the Old unit?
I mean It still works and everything. I live in Florida and man,.. summer just started and boy is it hot already thats why i wanted a more effective AC unit. I was told that Trane is one of the Best Units on the Market hands down. I was also told it would last 13-18 years no problem.

Is my old unit worth anything? The coils are rusted in the handler but thats about the only thing wrong with it besides it being to small to keep the house cooled down to 74 in the summer.

The salesman told me that they'll haul it away for me free and they put it in the back of the shop where someone comes everyday to pick up the old units. What do you think this person who picks up the old units does with them??

Man I'd hate to just give away something for free if it's actually worth something to someone.

So what do you folks do with your older working central AC compressors and Handlers?

Any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful to me.

Thank you.