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    A customer said that the condensor would run for 30 minutes thewn shutoff and not comback on. When I arrived the united had not been running. I felt the compressor and it was very hot to the touch. Now i had home owner turn unit on. Compressor started condensor fan came on it ran for fifteen minutes then the condensor fan quit running compressor was still running and the energy saver switch light was on. The next day the home owner calls and said the unit is not working at all. Any ideas as to what happen between the time i was there and the next day when it wouldn't run at all. E-mail me at

    Thanks to all who respond.

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    Sounds like the fan is going off on thermal then the compressor. Did you clean it while you were there? What is this energy saver light your speaking of. Where there separate contactors for the fan and compressor? (never seen that on a resi unit). Replace entire system w/ a carrier so you can do it again in a couple of years.

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    Originally posted by mech890
    Replace entire system w/ a carrier so you can do it again in a couple of years.
    Must be tough working the clubs at night and service all day
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    replace the fan motor and get rid of that [power saver switch.

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