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    Southern Hospitality is great toward "Yankees"; We know that if they are living here, they at the very least have some degree of intelligence to Migrate south .

    Hell I might even offer a yankee tech, some wine and cheese!

    Later guys

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    Clarification: I believe in most cases of a service call, there would be no predisposition to offer food and drink. On the other hand, during the course of an installation, that may involve more time and (don't get offended service techs) more 'strenuous' labor, offering a cool drink would only seem appropriate.

    Is that 'wine and cheese' or "whine and geeeeezzz?"

    Everyone has a purpose in life..........even if it's to be a bad example.

    Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood.

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    LOL, yeah, if the guys actually work for you (aka not a service tech), offer them something.. jus playin... someday I too hope to be a slacker, I mean tech hehe

    My personal view, offer drinks any time for just about anything, offer your restroom to them if needed too. Much better to have then in there than out by the neighbors shed watering the grass. The food, maybe towards the end of the job, more as a job well done type jesture.

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    I bring water to any jobsite during the summer. Food is optional. I don't expect anything from the homeowner, although I would offer if someone was doing work on my home. When they offer to or even, without hesitation, bring me a glass of water...I'm thrilled and won't turn it down...even if I have my own.

    I do my work the same whether I'd be offered a seafood buffet for lunch or nothing at all. I'm there to work...period. Anything offered from the homeowner is a bonus.
    Get back to work.

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