Well, the guys start tomorrow on my addition over the garage. Figure I try this board as most of you HVAC contractor may deal with this from time to time.

Here is my question, should I have some donuts and cold drinks available when the crew gets here? I certainly don't want to start a precedent with these guys but I think it would be a nice gesture and the cold drinks in a cooler would be appreciated in this 90 degree weather we have been having here in NJ (this week will be high 80's).

Does it make any difference to you in your attitude/quality of work if the homeowner does this or not? What would it cost me, $6 a day for ice and 10 bottles of water? Whats in it for me? - maybe a lot/ maybe nothing - but its worth a try if it there is a possibility that the crew goes out of their way to do a little better in their work or alert me to stuff that I should be aware of, etc.

I thought I saw a thread about this but my searches on this topic were unsuccessful.