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    Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I am hvac licensed in the state i live. I have very limited experience in the field. For the past seven years i have worked as an installer and tech for a natural gas company. This is my question, i want to get into the heating and air business. This is really what interest me. I do not mind getting hot,sweaty and dirty, but is it worth it. I am 30 yrs. old and cannot afford to take a huge pay cut. So what do you guys think. thanks alot for your help

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    You probably have way more benifits for the utility you work for. If you go in business for yourself ,you probably wont have that. I have known a lot of guys that worked for utilities and in the long run wished they had given up self employment years before after seeing how much better it was working for the utility in the long run. That not it for everyone but a lot. Funny how a lot of guys working for utilities eventally get to a jobs positions that pays great and has very little work as compared to owning a company that you never get time off from business or at least dont have to worry what is going to happen next. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

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    i agree
    you will have to take a big pay cut (probally) and it will take years to get back to where you are now

    then you may have to deal with seasonal work and lots more headachs jmho

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    Well here inlies the problem. The company i work for isnt very large,and doesnt pay that great. I just feel like i am at a dead end situation. Also i am not talking of starting my own business, i am thinking of filling out some applications,for service,install or both.

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    Do a search of my posts in the "side jobs". Hope it will help make your decision. As you will read I also had a decision to make many years ago

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