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    worked on ladies house with 2 seperate split systems, 2.5 and 3 ton units. All reading looked good except superheat was at 1 degree or so. pressures looked good for conditions but just no superheat. filters clean coils clean and also had delta t of around 11 degrees or so. same symptoms on both units. any sugestions

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    What should your superheat be? In order to determine that you need outdoor condensor air entering temp and indoor wetbulb air temp as close to the return side of the coil as you can get.

    1 degree could be acceptable under the right indoor air and outdoor air temp conditions.

    However, assuming a typical service call day, it sounds like you're overcharged. The 11 degree Delta T may resolve itself if you set the charge right, but it could be that you're probably got too high of a fan speed. You can't mess with setting Fan speed until you get the charge right.

    More info like pressure and temperature readings would be helpful.

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