We have contractors coming in tomorrow morning at 5am (yes I have to be their with them that early in the morning)to begin preparation to install a 40 ton a/h in the kitchen/cafe area of our hotel, we're scraping everything and building from the ground up, the first thing to come down is the walls surrounding the a/h that we currently have and begin to setup the beast, reason I'm excited is that i never been involved in such a project as large as this one being I deal mostly with central units, you know I installed them, repaired them slept on them, you get the idea, my engineer asked me to be hands on with the contractor to try to kinda of get an understanding to what it takes to bring one of these huge a/h to life and I'm pumped up for my job task for this coming week, the contractor who will be installing the unit knows I love learning all about the larger a/h so he's all for it, he knows I will soon begin going to school for commercial refrigeration in a few months, in fact this contractor has helped answer a lot of questions for me in ref. to
commercial refrigeration.
We did everything we could to help the kitchen workers, these ppl have been working in heat at about 80 degrees, but the 1981 a'h is just to far gone so we got the ok from corp. to install a new one..
Anyone here work on the larger a\h? and if so do you like working on them?