We have a 19 year old Carrier heat pump, 3.5 ton. I have noticed that while the system is on it blows cool air for a while then without shutting down it blows air that is not cool for a while then after a while it is cool, etc.
All the while the blower is still on. The system is set on cool/auto so the blower is not set to always be on. If it does reach the called upon air temp, it shuts off normally. When the air coming out switches to not cool, I have gone outside and noticed the fan is on but the air coming out there is not heated and the valves are not sweating, indicating the compressor is off. I have a tech coming tomorrow but I want to make sure I communicate correctly. Hopefully it will continue this pattern while he is here and not while it is just cooling. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks.