I know that the lineset should have a hissing noise as the refrig. move thru, that's obvious. Also, I've been near enough systems to know what normal refrig. flow sounds like. --Now my system has a distinct gurgling noise where the lineset enters the evaporator. I've run my system for 30min straight waiting for this noise to go away, in case the presures haven't reached their 'happy-place' yet.

The noise is there more often than not, and if it goes away, it only stays away for 20 sec or so. Is this noise the sound refrig. makes if it starts evaporating to early? What will that do to efficiency & temp delta across the coil
? The liquid line makes a 180-degree bend before it enters the coil, but the bend was done with a torch & is a 'graceful' bend, no kinks at all.

This problem has *survived* an evacuation/recharge. I showed this noise to the guy who did the recharge, and he got a wrench out & tried to do something with the nut that secures the liquid line to the evap coil, but looked otherwise clueless.

Any thoughts?