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    original thread:

    Im waiting to have my second contractor come Tuesday and repair/finish the installation that the first guy dropped the ball on.
    I now notice that the furnace, an Amana AMV80905CXA has a 5 ton blower (The original discussion was to install a 4 ton - AMV80704BXA - blower). The Outside AC unit is an Amana RCE42C2A 3.5 ton.

    So I am at a crossroads - should I have the new contractor simply supply the missing transition - or should I replace the 5 ton blower with a 4 ton?

    Will just keeping the 5 ton pose any significant problem down the road?

    Man, this is a nightmare...

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    I don't know
    The cooling blower speed should be adjusted for proper temperature drop across the coil. 5-ton is most likely just the maximum a/c which can be installed with that furnace.

    Wait for someone else to confirm this.

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    We take a static pressure to see how restrictive the duct system is. Then set blower speeds accordingly which most likely is medium high with a 4 ton air on a 5 ton max blower.

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    thanks guys - didn't mean to get breathless - ;-)

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