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    What is the red stuff on my condensing boiler? See picture. Any other comments on installation are appreciated.

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    Looks like rusty water dripping on your boiler from a leak
    around the low water shutoff or the steel pipe above it.

    Looks like he was digging out of the crate and using what ever was at his disposal on this job.

    How far would you say the supplies house is from your house?

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    Yea, not exactly a neat job. Should use BX not plastic romex wire tied to the pipes. SHould use black iron nipples off the boiler not that cheap steel crap.

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    Western PA
    Those pictures belong in the Wall of Shame.

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    Crappy flux used when soldering.

    Some ones gonna have fun changing out that circ some night.
    And I pity anyone that has to change that zone valve motor behind the combustion air pipe.

    I see power run to the LWCO, but I don't see how its wired to shut down the boiler.

    The Ultra has terminals the LWCO is supose to be tied into.

    What all is hooked to it. Indirct water heater? Baseboard loop? Radiant loop?

    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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