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    Quadrafire Mt Vernon (non-AE) auger will not turn.

    Hi there. I have a Mt Vernon (2005?) non AE quadrafire that was working perfectly for 2-3 months (bought used) and all of a sudden the auger will not feed.

    Everything else on the stove appears to be working perfectly. The therm is calling for heat (red light in rear is on), the firepot will fire when I throw pellets in the pot manually, all of the blowers work, etc.

    For some reason the auger just will not move. So far I have:

    Verified the fuse is good
    Verified the unit starts up normally and will fire
    Removed the entire auger and vacuumed out the auger "chamber"
    Checked the vacuum tube and cleaned out for blockage
    Removed the square cleanout inside the stove on the right side (near the blower?) and vacuumed out a small pile of ash that was in there.
    Checked out the computer board for lights... Blinks blue a few times at power up, then no lights come (red or blue) on after that.

    I am struggling for ideas here. I read somewhere to check the snap discs? I was curious if anyone could help describe how to check these and maybe if they can be ohm'd out, etc? What exactly are these? Temp sensitive switches?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Also forgot to add...

    I Ohmd out the auger motor today and got 22 OHMS across the black and 22 OHMS across the red... not sure if this tells me that the motor is fine or not, but it is leading me to believe that the motor might be ok...

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    Ok, I just ran power directly to the auger motor via a temp power chord.
    The motor works perfectly fine.

    It appears as though the motor is simply not getting power from the stove... maybe a sensor or the board?

    Looking for any suggestions.
    Thanks for your help.

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    all i can tell you is unplug the unit and look for the snapdisk with a red button on it. try to push it in. if it doesn't work call someone who knows these units. i would not keep messing around like that. if you burn something up they won't cover it under warranty

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    I have an AE and was having a similar problem where mine was saying auger jammed. , I don't know if yours is built like mine; however, here's a simple explanation of what I did. Pull out the complete auger assembly. Between the motor and the auger is a disk. Attached is a sensor so that the disk spins between the sensor pickups. My disk and sensor were dirty which didn't allow a signal to the control unit. I used q-tips and an electronic cleaner, but I would think general purpose alcohol (not the Jim or Jack kind! :-) ) would work as well. I also cleaned the thermocouple and the drop tube it rests against. Good luck, hope this helps.

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    I just put the auger back in and reset the #2 snap disc.

    That's all it was. Tiny little reset button on the disk. Auger turns.

    Thanks for your help everyone.

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    That disc does not trip for no reason, the stove overheated. You need to fully clean the stove and exhaust path. If the disc trips again after that you need a pro to come look at it.

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