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    If the unit is even slightly under charged it could cause a large increase in your bill. How about the spa? Pool? do you have any of these and what temps and how long do you run the pool pump.
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    Originally posted by Freezeking2000
    If the unit is even slightly under charged it could cause a large increase in your bill.
    Or it is way oversized.
    It would be nice to read those cycle times,if your still out there...!
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    Expensive HVAC

    Hello SMHorton,

    I came across your post. I have a similar setup here in the state of Georgia. My utility bills have been averaging about $215 monthly. I have a 4 ton Trane Xl14i heatpump with a TWE065E variable speed airhandler. My house is 2430 square feet, r-50 in ceiling, r-19 floors, r-8 walls, the walls is a guess. You mentioned nothing about number of kids, televisions or computers. is your home occupied during the day as we my household. We have 8 kids, wash almost daily, computers and tv's rolling. So, I think we are doing well. Your HVAC size I believe is right on the money. What are your cycle times, how is the humidity control,etc? Good idea to make sure charge is well, be sure to check out if heatstrips are energizing when call for AC. For your info my supple temps vary from 51 ro 54 degrees so far. The longer it runs the cooler the supply temps. I will see what happens on a mid to high 90's day. Good luck on your quest.


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