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    I have a brand new house in tampa florida. 1995 sq. ft. I have a 3 1/2 ton heatpump and a 4 ton air handlerlocated in my garage. My air handler cabinet is sweating and it is not missing any insulation inside the unit. What eles could be causing this condition.

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    In order for condensation to accur cold air must hit a heated space.... insulaTION prevents condensation. check to see if the airhandler is properly insulatred...
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    you might bump the speed of the blower motor up one notch and see if that helps.

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    Do not bump the motor speed up. The system is doing what it is designed to be doing.

    In your area, air handlers in unconditioned areas should have added insulation. Get some duct wrap insulation and loosely cover the entire unit. Be sure to seal all seams to seal off the vapor barrier potential of the foil vapor barrier.

    Insulation works off of air spacing between the layers of insulative material. If you pull the insulation tight, you will lose the insulation value.
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    Yeah, what robo said.

    If the cabinent is cooler than the webbulb of the air around the unit, it will sweat, like a cold glass of water. Most a/hs in crawls around here sweat one time or another, and I've seen them in attics, knee walls and even indoors sweat.
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    You might call a contractor out to see if the system was adjusted in properly. if not the system will never operate to max performance. if the blower was set at to low of a speed from day one this can cause excessive sweating. the slower the air moves the colder the air on the outlet of the evaperator coil. example put one glass of water on table then put glass of ice water on table which glass is going to sweat the most ? i would try this first .

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    This is common in your area,not normal ,but common.

    Possible reasons;
    1.High return static,pulls water off the coil.Ducts likely undersized.

    2.Improper trap,in condensate line,allows air to be pulled in ,prevents water from draining.

    If you have a zoning system with a bypass,some sweating ,is normal,due to colder coil temperatures.

    What are the model numbers?

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