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    Whats an average price to have a clogged cooling coil cleaned?

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    average...hmmm.....too many variables.

    Do you have to pull it?

    Refrigerant service if you do have to pull it...

    Cleaning solution, etc...

    Attic, crawlspace or wide open...

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    Attic. and Will be pulled and cleaned on premise.

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    Pricing is not discussed here. See the fourm rules.

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    Just looking for a guesstement not intended to offend anyone. I never had it done and was looking for an average, if that can't be answered then obviously I came to the wrong place.

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    Can anyone help

    Okay I read the rules and sorry about that, but can anyone direct me to a site or forum where they might be willing to give an average price for cooling coil cleaning. Believe it or not I know there are scamers out there and just like to be as knowledgeable as I can when I'm quoted a price to make sure I'm not getting the wool pulled over my eyes. There are honest and dishonest people out there and obviously this field of expertise is very guarded and not regulated. I don't mind paying good money for a quality job, but would like to be armed with some knowledge on pricing.

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    Pull and clean coil with air handler in attic...........expensive.

    Much less expensive to keep air filters clean.

    Also make sure return air duct is well sealed.
    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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    I would charge at least $500. But if I bump my head on a roof nail that price would double.

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    I am not well educated on HVAC systems and always used the cheap blue fiber filters until recently. I had know idea they were that bad. I am now using the electricstatically charged filter. None of the service people that I had out to do a routine check on the system in the last 4 years ever explained to me the importance of good filters and now I'm paying the price. The ducts were said to be good and sealed, but then again I'm taking the word of the same people that never told me about the filters either.

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    To many times learning something can be expensive...
    that works on both sides.... I know that I have taken one for the team more times than I would like to admit.
    Its the school of hard knocks ...grin and bare it!
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    Around $4,000.00
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    $4000 Yellowdot? Boy I sure am glad you guys are honest hehe!

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    Originally posted by Yellow Dot
    Around $4,000.00

    Well NICE GOING Yellow Dot! Not you went and broke the rules and gave him a price. This is just great. Now he has a number to work with and he is going to see if he can lowball some poor HVAC guy into doing the job for $3,000.

    I just hope you are proud of yourself now!

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