I am looking at possibly building a new home in the Middle GA area. I always look at the HVAC system compared to what the builder normally would install.

I'm looking at the higher efficiency units that have 2 stage compressors. If I marry that up with a variable speed blower unit (there would be a heat source, gas or heat pump included in the equation, but being in GA, I'm more concerned with the Summer heat and humidity!)

Is this a good combination not only to be more energy efficient, thus saving on the electric bill, but also the variable speed fan providing more comfort(less temp swings)?

Also, I've read other posts and have had some horror stories of my own when my system wasn't sized properly, I like to keep it from 70-72 degrees, even if it gets up to 95 or 99 degrees. If I tell the builder that I want to meet with his HVAC folks to give them MY specifications for this system, is that something builders will normally do?

I'm willing to pay a bit more money for a better, higher efficient system if I get the economy/cost savings and comfort I believe I can expect from these systems.

Is this the right way of thinking of the HVAC system????

Thanks for any/all of your comments/opinions!