I have a customer with 3 5 ton Lennox condensors, model number HS29-060-1P. they have Copeland Scroll Compressors

The condensors are located on the other side of of a 6 foot concrete wall from their patio. they are very noisy and she says they have to turn off the A/C when they are using the patio. she contacted the installing contrator and he said nothing could be done about it.

i took a look the only option i could come up with was compressor blankets. the compressors sound normal and about 75% of the noise is the fans, but she said if the blankets made a 25% reduction in sound she would be happy.

Im wondering if a blanket would make a significant difference on a scroll compressor, as ive never installed or seen one before?

if blankets cant get the job done, i think she's ready to write the check for 3 new, quieter units