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    I recently had to replace the txv in a Carrier FV4A fan coil. The fan coil is only three years old. In a earlier post, I think it was HVAC Pro asked if the tech removed the sensing bulb before sweating the vapour line. Originally, three years ago when the Carrier 38 YZA heat pump and the Carrier FV4A fan coil was installed I'm not sure if they removed the sensing bulb or not. If they didn't would the TXV have lasted 3 years? This time I wasn't here either when they replace the TXV, so again I'm not sure it they removed the sensing bulb. Another thing, I was outside looking at the heat pump today, and the tech must have left a digital thermometer tucked into the foam that is wrapped around the larger of the two lines leading into the heat pump. The heat pump had been running about 45 mins in cooling mode and the thermometer was reading 46.7. Does this sound right to you guys?


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