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    Ok sorry, I thought the noise was when it first started up.

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    Originally posted by ultratec
    Hello Mr.Bill, I almost forgot about this. I spoke w/ the Rheem (Ruud) tech people, and your kinda correct lol. They install the hard start on both 3 1/2 ton and up 12 and 14 seer. The reason they said is that they just want to on those sized machines due to the extra juice the system holds. I said what if I have a 3 ton w/ a very long line set, they said it wouldnt hurt to put one in, I said, do you feel its needed? They said no,,,, hummmmmm. I dont understand them lol. One of my buddies knows someone for Copland and said it isnt needed on 1PH scrolls. I agree. But anyway, it wasnt just your 5 ton 14 that has them. Have a great weekend and happy 4 th.
    Man, I am glad you researched that I thought maybe I was getting a unique unit from my supplier like a refurbished one that was having starting issues

    I really do enjoy your posts here this one below was really helpful I have an issue like that now with a Ruud 4-ton 12 seer condenser maybe a year old.

    Sounds like you have liquid migrating, laying in the compressor, that's what they sound like when liquid lays in there and then she starts. Your discharge check must not be holding if it hard starts. I would check your charge and piping, install a belly type heater around that thing to help w/ the liquid, or you will loose it.

    And I wish you the best weekend and happy 4 th. also.
    Take Care
    Mr. Bill
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    hard start kit & Scrolls

    Florida Power & light requests all high efficiency A/C units 4 tons and larger require a hard start kit. I agree the compressor will start, but they say the lights may flicker. They also have the right to not give rebate money unless it is installed.

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    a hardstart kit <potential relay&start capacitor>are installed on a txv system to help the compressor overcome the resistance of the txv. the potential relay is sized using a formula based on the back electromotive force of the compressor on start.<or from a guide book from the compressor manuf.>.they also help if you have an upstairs a.h.with a long lineset burning fuses though i usually use a softstart and always with a time delay.

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    Fast Fred

    Sounds like your scroll is trying to rotate backwards unitl the pressures equalize. Probably have a discharge check valve bad. Some scrolls also used mechanical brakes.

    Whatever the case, the high pressure is trying to equalize through the scroll, thus it is rotating backwards on shut down.

    Good luck...

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    Originally posted by resolutetech

    one more question is vga charged bulb a vapor r22 charged bulb or cross charged liquid or cross charged vapor

    damn txvs are close to rocket science!
    This subject reminds me of a fieldman we had who passed away about 25 years ago, Frank Yeager. When a service technician asked him what we put in the thermostatic charge, he would sometimes whisper into his ear: "monkey piss" to see what kind of reaction he could get. I sometimes wonder if he screwed up more technicians than he taught.

    BTW, the VGA is a vapor charged (not monkey pissed) bulb as is the majority of a/c and heat pump TEV thermostatic charges.

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    Hmm Question

    are hardstarts good or bad for a new installation

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    Hard starts are never a bad thing.(potential relay ones that is)
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    Thanks, I have been a retro manager and other things in hvac world for a while now and the company I work for insists on hardstarts on every new change out not a rule i am use too. I was just making sure before I get into a debate I would look foolish in. I know alot, I would like to think but will never claim to ever know it all.

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