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    I have a Goodman CLJ-36-1 condenser 12 seer 2001 model. I would like to know what is the matching Goodman evaporator coil and furnace for the condenser? So I can get the proper efficiency out of the system.I need a up flow furnace and coil. Furnace 80% efficiency single stage 75,000 btu and PSC. Thanks, James

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    These would be the most common matchups for 12 SEER;

    CLJ36-1* CA*F042B2+EEP GMS80453A 1.75
    CLJ36-1* CA*F042B2+EEP GMS80703A 1.75
    CLJ36-1* CA*F042B2+EEP GMS80704B Flush
    CLJ36-1* CA*F042B2+EEP GMS80903B Flush
    CLJ36-1* CA*F042B2+EEP GMS80904B Flush

    There are others. With VS blowers you will get 13 SEER, and ye shall find;..
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