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    Have you ever walked away from a job you just didn't feel right about?

    Had a guy call to look at two outdoor units. One not working the other one was but check it out to see that it's alright.

    Turn the t'stat on and go out to look at the unit that runs the downstairs and nothing. Can see the lineset going all the way up to the roof and into the attic of the two story house so I figure it's easy enough to tell which one is which.
    Pull the cover off the one that runs the downstairs, no 24 v at the contactor. just for sheets and giggles, I pull the cover off the one next to it only to find about a 3 1/2 inch decking screw holding the contactor down to the on position, yet the unit is not running. No voltage at the contactor. Push the contactor in on the other one and it fires up.
    So I go back in to look at the t'stat and cannot measure any voltage any where so I go downstairs to look at the furnace.

    Downstairs is another mess altogether. One light on the wrong side of the unit for me to see anything with, so while looking w/ my flashlight I see a couple of wires hanging loose that Im thinking should go on the terminal strip, but after looking closer I see safety cutoff swithes still wired up but just laying in the cabinet not fastened to anything.
    BTW, the t'stat on the first floor is covered w/ a buttload of dust and has no front cover on it. My gut feeling is telling me to get the he#@ outta there so that's what I did. Haven't talked to the HO yet, it was just his daughter there this morning. If any of you have found yourself in the same position, how did you handle it?

    The HO had a really nice boat,jet ski, corvette and Mustang GT sitting outside but the house was falling apart and the HVAC system was in terrible shape.

    Do you guy's just come out and tell the HO their place is a fire trap ,or how do you graciously get out of working on something like that. My instinct tells me his a/c is not top priority by the way it was cobbed toghether.

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    Sounds like some money to be made there. I would have spent an hour or two, made up a list of what he needs, give him a bill for the time you spent and tell him what the price is going to be to get the machines running the right way. Sounds easy to me. Unless you were so grossed out by the place, you dont want to go back, thats up to you.

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    The way I was taught is you bid it so high if he hires you it's worth it....if not you didn't insult him. Polite walk-away.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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