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    First of all this is my first time reading any hvac chats and thanks alot for keeping me up all night reading all of the posts.You guys are great and very helpful!

    Today I installed a heil 10 seer 2ton condenser and my pressures are wacked.The system had a 2ton rheem before with a piston m.d.being in a hurry and making a bad call I didn't open the plenum to check the piston size.This system has a long lineset approx.60'-75'but still within heils limits.After pressure testing and evacuating I charged the lines and then opened the valves.I then started up and had 190hs,55 ls with a 34 suct. line temp.the filter was new so I started adding r22 and after adding way more than I should have the l.s. wont go past 60psi the h.s.reached 250psi.I then checked The coil which was very clean.It has a central return so thats ok my t.d was perfect at 10 70 in and 50 out.The compressor amps are rated at 16 and it was running at 13.5.I'm sure its over charged but shouldn't my amps be high and not low?

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    Liquid line

    What size is the liquid line? 5/16"

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    I don't know but I have found that when I put in a new condenser I don't touch the freon until it has ran for a day or two. They alway seem to look like they are under charged when I turn it on after it is hot inside. Then after it has stablized the reading look good. Otherwise when I have added freon to it I have over charged it.

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    wow what a day It was 97 outside today I put 17hrs in.
    As far as that install with bad pressures the lines are 3/4 & 3/8 today the customer called me and said"I just wanted to thankyou again my 2nd flr has never cooled this well until now".So I think I'll let this one go and move on .
    Thanks for your input!

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    Sounds like low airflow to me.I would go back and check just
    to see what gives.

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    When you mismatch, you will get stuff like this. What may be right for a Rheem may not always be right for another brand. While the piston in there is designed for the Rheem, it sounds too small now. If he has trouble, I'd up the piston size a notch.

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