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    My diagnosis was interrupted by the typical afternoon thunderstorm, so i dont have all the hard numbers yet, but,the customers complaint was runs all day long. Pressures with r22 were 98/170 15 deg sh 0 deg sc. This is a 7 yo carrier heat pump, scroll compressor, orfice in a/h.

    I pumped the system down, went to 0 nicely and held. Opened valve up pressures went to 75/225 20 sh 10 sc, perfect. Shut the system down, restarted, pressures went back to 98/150. repeated the process 2 more times with the same results.

    THEN THE RAIN CAME DOWN. There was no noticable whistling sound from the rev valve bypassing, and it did switch into heat mode, but it was raining so i didnt get the perfomance numbers in heat.

    My first inclination would be rev valve, but i didnt hear anything out of the ordinary. Second would be scroll plates seperating, but i never heard of this happening and dont know if its even possible.

    Ive never seen this one before, any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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    I've read somewhere of the rotating scroll plate to move upwards to burp out any liquid in the compressor, if it was very excessive.

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