Here is my take. I would tell your builder to get his but over there and get your a/c system that you paid alot of money for to work correctly! You should be able too w/ no problem get that house 15 deg or better, cooler then outside(thats at a minimum). If he wants to insulate the ducts better, install an attic fan or whatever, then let him, Attics are always going to be hot. The bottom line, whats going to happen if you have a party w/ 20 plus people and your wife wants to turn on the stove and cook something? Whats the temp going to be in there then? You dont have to answer that lol. I dont know your house ceilings etc. I did see the floor plan. I would not have installed a 2 1/2 ton in that house, some people may have, dont know why??? I would not have been back because it was undersized. You have 1733sq.ft of living space correct?

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