My house is a year old. The AC will not get the house below 80 in the middle of the day. With it being 95 degree's with a 53 % humidity outside.

Yesterday a tech came out and did some air balancing and checked the freon charge. It is still under warranty. Before the tech came out the house wouldn't cool bellow 82 degree's. The tech told me that the system was overcharged by 1 lb. I looked on the unit and it say's factory charge is 6.2 lbs. The tech said he removed 1 lb from the system. He seemed nice and helped explain alot of stuff. The temp on the line before he removed freon was 44 degree's. When he left I believe it was 61 or 62 degree's. He said the ideal is 60 degree's.

I recorded the temp today and at 3:22 it was 80 on the thermostat. It is 5:42 and it is still 80.

I have a carrier a/c model #38BRC030-321 SERIAL 0904E21623

The tech's diagnostics
S/A 57
R/A 77
HEAD 220
ODT 95

The home I live in is a Perry Home and is 1733 s.q. ft.
I know our a/c shouldn't have to run all day and not cool the house right. Plz help