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    What is 1 SEER/HSPF point worth?

    All other things being equal in a system evaluation, what is the value of SEER & HSPF points?

    For example -- 16/9 vs. 14/8 systems.

    What will the difference mean for monthly heat & AC costs? 1%? 20%?


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    In theory it should be the percentage difference of SEER for cooling & HSPF in heating.
    16/14 = 1.14 so it should be aprox. 14 % savings in cooling.
    If you had a $100 cooling cost with a 16 SEER unit it would have theoretically cost $114 if you were using a 14 SEER unit. You can reverse the numbers 14/16 = .88 & multiply that by the cost you have with the 14 SEER ($114) to get the 16 SEER cost to see the savings that way. The HSPF numbers should work the same way for heating. How much percentage of the entire electric bill is actually heating & cooling is another story.
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