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    When installing a new A/C compressor is it proper to install new line sets? Actual age of existing lines is +/-21 years.

    What is the consensus on Freon vs. Pureon based systems?

    What size coil should be used for a 4-ton capacity A/C compressor?

    Looking for feedback (quality etc.) on American Standard-brand A/C Compressor (4-ton 12-Seer)and Freedom 80 gas furnace.

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    Use the search function.

    You will have more info than you can absorb.

    Good luck.
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    Line set replacement depends on the condition of the existing set, and whether or not it is practical to replace it. if the lineset is easy to access, its good practice to replace it, especially when its as old as yours is. If you need to tear out walls to get to it, then you need to determine if the added work and expense will result in greater reliability.

    If you go with a Puron (R410a) system, replacing the lineset is just about a must. Puron runs at much higher pressures than r22, and you need a good lineset, with good connections for system reliability. Also, Puron systems are less forgiving of contamination, so an old line set that may have solder corrosion or oxidation could cause real problems.

    Puron VS R22 is a hot topic. I tend to believe it is best to go with what the installing contractor reccomends. Experiance is everything in this business, and you don't want your install crew learning about Puron system installation on your job. A few years from now, this will be a mute point, as everyone will be up to speed on Puron, but now, the industry is still in transition, so it pays to go with what the installer is most familiar with.

    Don't worry, R22 will be around for a long time for servicing.

    American Standard is the parent company of Trane. Its good equipment. That said, the quality of install is much more important than brand, most brands are about equal in quality.

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