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Thread: GE Water Heater

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    GE Water Heater

    Hey Guys, need some help here. My parents water heater just died. Gas valve/temp control failed. Its a 6 year old GE tank
    Model# GP40T06AVG00
    Serial# GELP0505A31095

    All of my local parts guys are gone for the weekend and I would like to at least get the parts on their way so they don't have to take cold showers for very long. Any info? A dealer with weekend hours would be great.

    PS I do have my gas license, so that is not an issue.

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    so its a std gas fired 40 gal tank?
    forget fixing it, have em call one of them franchise places like Mr. Waterheater.
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    It might be less money to replace the whole tank. The same thing happened to me when I bought my first house. A new gas valve/temp control wholesale was only 10% cheaper than a new tank. In 1977 a new tank was only $125.00. And that one only lasted 7 years.
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    Check the warranty, I believe GE have a 6 year warranty. Lowes is a GE distributor, and they would have the replacement valve.

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