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I would beg to differ with the pope. NAS is owned by Lennox. Just the same as Armstrong, Heat Craft, Service Experts and the others. At NAS we are the manufactures rep. on the commercial side. We provide warranty and startup / commissioning services to some pretty big commercial retail giants. It sounds like Pope worked for a poorly managed branch, my apologizes if this is the case. We do pay all but the 1st and last 30 minutes of your travel time for the day. We are one of the largest retail National Service companies in the country and we continue to grow as most companies are struggling.
At NAS we want to retain & grow the right technicians. Training is always offered via a learning website with topics from basic electricity to calculating air flow to MS Office or at other venues and we even have our own training center in South Florida. Of course we don't work on too many chillers or refrigeration so hiring a "Top Dog Chiller Tech" is not something we would need in our work force. For the most part we service 5 - 50 ton rooftop package units and we do it better than anyone else in the country.
I have been with NAS since 1999. I started as a service technician in SoFlo and transferred to GA and then NC. As I have proven myself in the field I was asked / offered a position as a branch manager and after proving myself for several years in that capacity I have accepted a position as a district manager covering 2 states. We do require technicians to be responsible and accountable for the work they perform and can honestly say the company will always do the right thing in regards to the technician & the customer or I wouldn't have been here as long as I have.
Sorry to ramble on and I hope some of this made sense, but I had to jump in and defend the company that has treated my family & I so good for the past 12 years from one person that may have not had the best experience. And Pope I was not by any means trying to do anything other than state my experience here. Again I apologize if the experience you personally had or know about was as poor as you have described.
I am not on here that often but if I can answer any other questions let me know.
One more thing, with over 60 branches, 200+ techs (most of them NATE certified) on the road, I'm sure there are plenty of answers you could get from them. Find your local branch and ask the manger if you can speak with some techs. They will answer anything you need to know.
While it's good to hear something positive from someone about NAS, I have to tell you that you are in the minority in my experience. I bump into these clueless kids all the time, and I can tell, you, if you are willing to lead the clueless, you have more patience than I would have.

From what I know of NATE, that qualifies a tech to know which end of the screwdriver to use. I'm not sure I would promote that cert to anyone outside of the public.

In short, I can't say that it's a business model I'd expect to have a long lasting existence. I'm glad you have a good job, but man, I don't expect it to last real long. What the heck can you sell to a store that just had all the units replaced? Nothing, so you peddle the Co to another store, and so on. Pretty soon, with managers intermingling at different corporates and stores, you find that the golden goose has croaked its last.

The guys I talk to said they were much better off with Tradewinds and Benner.

Good luck with that.